Live Canon Poetry Prize 2013

Yesterday I received the lovely news that I’ve been short-listed for this year’s Live Canon Poetry Prize for a poem I wrote called Golem.

It’s only the second time I’ve had something short-listed for an (inter)national prize, and I’m really chuffed. The really interesting this about this, is that in addition to being printed in the Live Canon anthology (wheee!) the poem will be performed by a member of the Live Canon troupe of actors at the Greenwich Theatre on the 24th of November. I’m really looking forward to this event for a a couple of reasons: first off, other short-listed poets (Mark Cooper and Isabel Rogers) have already been in touch on twitter and seem lovely and interesting; the other thing is that I have no idea what it’ll be like to hear the words I wrote performed.

I’m excited and a little nervous. There’s a letting go I’ll have to do in a much more conscious way than when you send something off in the hope it might get printed. With printed poems you can still pretend to a bit of control. They are words on page which you have effected and inflected in a way that feels like binding them somehow, pushing them off into the world with their hands tied behind their backs.

It’s an illusion of course. Anyone will read them in any way they like and I’m intrigued to see what it will feel like to see that first hand. I wonder, as a reader of poetry, both for pleasure and profit, if it will affect how I approach texts or how I write them.

Here’s to finding out!

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