9 Pioneering Feminists In History Who Were Way Before Their Time, Because Strong Women Have Always Existed | Bustle

Something my talented wife wrote for Bustle and which is super-relevant to ongoing conference thoughts!

Gender & Authority

How does feminism intersect with the idea of women and the canon? This might seem like an odd question, but given that canons are a bit like geology (slow-forming, sedimentary, or sometimes violently eruptive…) a large number of the women who are already ‘canonical’ or will/should become so existed and operated in intellectual contexts which had no conception of feminism while still exploring/expressing/living some key feminist tenets. This may all seem a bit commonplace, but really it’s at the heart of the question of what we expect from our canons. What are the criteria for a canon, for a canonical woman, for women’s interactions with the canon? This piece on  9 Pioneering Proto/Pre-Feminists, by JR Thorpe over at Bustle points to some of the women we might consider canonical and women who certainly had a lot to do with the canons of their day – from the defence of women’s…

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