TOMORROW – Gender & Authority 1

the first Gender & Authority Seminar, tomorrow at 5.15, Massey Room, Balliol College.

Gender & Authority

The first seminar in the Gender & Authority series will take place in the Massey Room, Balliol College at 17.15 on tomorrow (2/3/16)!
 Refreshments will be served from 17.00.

We look forward to welcoming you to hear two interesting and intersecting papers from the perspectives of French Film and American Poetry.

The speakers will be: Susan Garrard (University of St Andrews), ‘Searching for arcadia: reimagining the working-class pastoral fantasy in the poetry of factory-girl, Fanny Forrester, 1868-1882’, and Mary Harrod (University of Warwick), ‘Cine-filles: Genre, Pastiche and Contemporary Popular Women’s Filmmaking in France’.

We are grateful for the support of the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute.


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