Women and the Canon: An Interdisciplinary Conference 

Here are some reflections I wrote for the AHRC-TORCH Oxford Graduate Fund, who provided some of the financial support for our Women & the Canon Conference back in January.

Graduate Projects in the Humanities

David Bowe (Victoria Maltby JRF, Somerville College, University of Oxford) reflects on the recent conference ‘Women and the Canon‘, partly funded by the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund.


Back in the summer of last year, planning was underway for a small study day, ‘Women and the Canon’, focussing on the intersections between gender and cultural authority. Julia Hartley, Adele Bardazzi, Natalya Din-Kariuki and I had sent out the call for papers and we were waiting with baited breath for the proposals to come in. And they kept coming in. At the final tally we had received over one hundred abstracts and as we set about making our selections, the high quality and number of proposals made it clear that we could, indeed should, hold a much larger event. As the conference grew in scope, into a two-day event with parallel sessions, we were grateful for the funding that was…

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