Women’s Studies and Gender Studies: a Roundtable Event – Wednesday 2 November, 5.15 pm, Balliol College

A roundtable event on Gender Studies and Women’s Studies hosted by the Gender and Authority Network in collaboration with the Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity!

Gender & Authority

Next week, we’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion on Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, co-sponsored by the Centre for Gender, Identity and Subjectivity.

We’ll be joined by speakers from a range of Gender and Women’s Studies centres and programmes in Oxford to discuss the continuities, differences, and comparative advantages of framing one’s research in terms of ‘Gender studies’ or ‘Women’s studies’. The roundtable, featuring speakers from a range of University of Oxford faculties, programmes, and research networks, will aim to address a series of questions on the methodological continuities, divergences and complementarity of ‘Gender Studies’ and ‘Women’s Studies’.

Speakers will be invited to respond to a number of questions and the floor will be opened to further responses from attendants. The roundtable will be followed by a drinks reception at 6.45pm. This promises to be a great occasion to showcase research currently taking place in Oxford and also to…

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Listening to Dante: An Audio-visual Afterlife | Taylor Institution Library

I wrote this over on the Taylor Institution Library Blog!

‘Listening to Dante: An Audio-Visual Afterlife’: Film – Readings – Vinyl – Books – Images by David Bowe

It all started with a box of LPs.

Source: Listening to Dante: An Audio-visual Afterlife | Taylor Institution Library