My name is David.

My research interests include medieval Italian literature and culture, poetry, the intersections between religion and literature, language, subjectivity and theoretical medievalism. I’m writing a DPhil thesis at the University of Oxford on narratives of conversion and lyric self representation in the works of Guittone d’Arezzo, Guido Guinizzelli, Guido Cavalcanti and Dante Alighieri. I will sometimes blog about these things, my experiences working with them, writing about them and teaching them. You can find more of my academic side here.

I also write poems, sometimes about my experiences doing the research I do, often about completely unrelated things (sometimes, of course, I think they’re unrelated things, but they turn out to be more related than I at first realised). I’ll be posting some of those here too.

You’ll also find some reviews, sometimes of things related to my research, sometimes of things that just catch my eye and my interest.

All my original work on this site is copyright, with all rights reserved as of time of posting. All quotations, etc… are noted, credited and, where possible, linked.

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