A catalogue of hats

there’s a kid folding hats in a coffee shop

he’s making them from bad reviews in newspapers and giving them to customers

there’s a man in the coffee shop wearing a paper hat the child has given him

while he works at his computer and drinks his coffee

and forgets he’s wearing a paper hat

there’s a woman who does not accept the gift of a hat

she doesn’t accept hats from strangers because of the germs

there’s another woman who only accepts hats from strangers because she fears the intimacy

of hats from family members or loved ones closing around her temples

there’s a child who’s been given a hat, but whose hat is now a boat, waiting for a sea to sail on

a lake is flooded with hats – homburgs, fedoras, bonnets, sou’westers,

panamas made in Ecuador – a regatta that fills the surface blocking any reflection




This is a true story. I wrote it a while ago, but just bumped into someone present at the events in question, which prompted me to post it on here.
I hope you like it.