Dante Casually Running Into Beatrice In Art History


The Toast knocks it out of the park again with a reflection on quite how creepy the premise of the Vita nova and Dante’s subsequent Beatrice-oriented work could be…

“Maybe the idea of a gentleman who beheld your visage but the twice writing a series of time-alteringly famous books where you are forced to guide him through Heaven and gaze beatifically on his bed a’nights is just exactly what gets you going, though. What this post presupposes, though, is: what if it wasn’t awesome?”

Source: Dante Casually Running Into Beatrice In Art History

Looking Back With Auerbach – A Convivial Celebration of Dante’s 750th Birthday

Very excited to announce that registration for our one day workshop in Oxford celebrating Dante’s 750th is now open!
We have some fantastic speakers coming from institutions across England (some by way of farther flung locations) and it promises to be a really stimulating day of dialogue. Details and registration are to be found here!