Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon @ Women and the Canon

Exciting update, Women and the Canon will be joined by @medieval_women (http://www.surrey.ac.uk/medievalwomen/) for a roundtable on their project, Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon.

Gender & Authority

We’re very excited to announce that the Leverhulme Trust-funded International Network, Women’s Literary Culture and the Medieval Canon will be presenting their ongoing work through a round table on Friday 22 January as part of our conference activities.

We’ll be being joined by project leader, Prof. Diane Watt (Surrey), and Network members, Prof. Denis Renevey (Lausanne), Dr Christiana Whitehead (Warwick), Dr Sue Niebrzydowski (Bangor), and Amy Morgan (Surrey), who will be presenting work in dialogue with our conference themes.

This roundtable represents a fantastic opportunity to engage with the rich discussions of women and the canon ongoing in UK and global scholarship.

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Dante’s in Portland, OR

Dante's in Portland, OR

This was another one of those coincidental moments* in my travels around the US. Having just come from presenting my work at the Association of American Italian Studies Conference in Eugene, OR, I wandered past this club, Dante’s (Booker T. Jones was playing that night), and was deeply happy to find out they had the warning words from the gates of hell above their doorway:
Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate!
(Abandon all hope, you who enter!).

*The grainy photo is courtesy of my phone camera, my proper camera having been lost a week earlier.

Dante and the Siren

Dante and Siren

Ok, so it’s a mermaid, but close enough. I took this photo in New York while I was there between conferences. It was the same day that I finished a paper on the dream of the ‘femmina balba’ (the stuttering woman who metamorphoses into a siren) in Purgatorio XIX. That paper is now to to be published as part of a collection by the University of Bologna’s Petali imprint.